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Paper Submission – Important Dates

Submission of extended abstracts

  • Deadline: DATE

Notifications of acceptance of extended abstracts

  • Deadline: DATE
  • All notifications regarding submission acceptance have now been sent by email to corresponding authors.

Submission of full papers

  • Deadline: DATE
  • To comply with IEEE guidelines, your paper should satisfy the following requirements:
    • The paper must not exceed the 6 page limit
    • The layout of the PDF file follows the IEEE PowerTech template
    • The PDF has passed the compatibility check with IEEE PDF eXpress (conference ID: 38284X).
    • In order to prove that your full paper is IEEE Xplore compatiable, produce a PDF of the confirmation email received from IEEE PDF eXpress and upload this to the online platform.
  • To submit your paper, please complete the following steps:
    1. Ensure your two documents (full paper and PDF eXpress compatibility confirmation email) are ready according to the guidelines above.
    2. Go to the submissions site and click “Upload File”.
    3. Select the correct Upload Type and complete the remaining fields using your previous submission ID and password to upload both files.
    4. Return to the submissions site and click “Submit copyright”.
    5. Complete the fields using your submission ID and password and click “Sign In”. You will be taken to the IEEE Electronic Copyright Transfer website where you should complete the online forms. You will receive an email from IEEE with the final copyright statement.
    6. Return to the submissions site and click “Upload File”.
    7. Select ‘Copyright’ as the Upload type and complete the remaining fields using your previous submission ID and password to upload your proof of copyright transferral.
    8. You’re all finished!

Notification of acceptance of full papers – now sent!

  • Deadline: DATE
  • All corresponding authors have now been notified about full paper acceptance.
  • Remember that papers will only be included in IEEE Xplore if presented by one of the authors.

Submission of final version of full papers

  • Deadline: DATE
  • Make sure you upload your final documents by this date.

Submission of IEEE PES Transactions Papers

Authors of recently accepted but not yet published IEEE PES Transactions Papers (please see the list of eligible Transactions below) are invited to submit their papers to PowerTech. These papers will be directly accepted without further review and will be allocated an oral presentation.

  • IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
  • IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery
  • IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion
  • IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid
  • IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy

PES Transactions papers will only be eligible for presentation if they are available on IEEE Xplore (Early Access included) and have a paper publication date no earlier than the extended abstract deadline.

If submitting a Transactions paper, please enter the details in the submission form and add a comment to the “Comments” section explaining that this is a Transactions submission and including a DOI for the paper. You do not need to upload the paper.